CHCA's Founding Families

Founding Families- Chapel Hill is RISING!

Through your prayers and generosity, we are here. God has revealed our future home to us and we are now able to move forward in attaining our land! This is a historical moment in our school's foundation and for our future. God is calling us to something greater. Placing decisions and opportunities in front of us that will impact the next generations. Our children and those to come will reap the benefits of the seeds we plant today- the decisions we are making- the challenges we face together.

We see and believe in the ways God is working through CHCA. We believe our calling is to partner with families in the teaching of their children by providing an education that is distinctively Christian, academically excellent, Biblically saturated and service and mission oriented. We are inviting you to partner with us in the work God is doing here.

Become one of our Founding Families.

The investment and commitment of becoming a Founding Family will impact our school by giving us the ability to move forward with the vision of our PK-12th grade campus. Our hope is that at least 250 families will say yes. Can you or someone you know invest $250 a month for three years? 250 Families giving $250 a month!

Families that are able to give this gift will have the opportunity to have their name engraved on a brick that will go on the main entrance of the campus! We want to acknowledge the Founding Families of CHCA on our archway entrance. You were there at the beginning of the school's foundation and we want your name to welcome families to our campus for years to come. Be a part of what God has done and will do for our school, for the children, and for our community!

Brick by Brick, CHCA is RISING! #chapelhillrises #brickbybrick